Worldwide Businesses and Processes are changing. Corporate Training Solutions and
Programs are essential.
Are your Employees prepared? Be prepared. Mitigate risks.



It is our understanding that precision, accuracy, reliability and commitment should not just be words and loose promises. We set standards with our services and work; worldwide.

Some online training providers mainly focus on Cyber & IT Security or just on Travel Security content; we have it all and beyond. This is, why we are a real „One Stop Shopping Solution“.

We also strongly believe that we can probably offer one of the best and most comprehensive security, safety, cyber and compliance e-Learning solutions money can buy today.

We are so very much convinced about our e-Learning solutions that we give you the opportunity to try out our online trainings with a test account; no financial obligations and no limitations. We have nothing to hide.

Whether you want to train and educate 5, 50, 500, 5,000 or even more employees; talk to us! We have a solution for every request and for all needs; guaranteed.

Our e-Learnings are available via our Online Training Academy and Learn Management System (LMS) or as an alternative, we can integrate our content into your own and existing LMS; it is up to you.



Cyber & Information Security:

Phishing, Vishing, CEO Fraud, Working in the Home Office, Working with Mobile Devices, Social Media Awareness, Social Engineering, Information Classification …


Anti Corruption & Fraud, Thrid Party Compliance, Export Control, Anti-Cartel Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Know Your Customer, Anti- Money Laundering, Whistleblowing, Corruption in Purchasing and Sales, Code of Conduct …

Fairness First:

Inclusion, Diversity, Unconscious Bias, Human Rights, Compliance & Business Ethics, General Equal Treatment Act, Labor Law for Executives, Sexual Harassment …

Travel Safety:

Introduction to General Travel Safety, Travel Safety for Women, Behavior during a Kidnapping, Travel and Corona, Behavior in Extreme Situations, Behavior in Risk Situations, HEAT – Hostile Environmental Awareness Training, Expat Security …

Risks at Work:

Fire Protection in Production, Accidents in the Office & Production, Occupational Safety, Deescaltation, Active Shooter Response, Predictive Profiling in Retail, GDPR, Data Protection …


Business Continuity Management, Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, Agile Leadership in Uncertainty, Corporate Social Responsibility, Visitor Management, Mental Health, Digital Balance, Mindfulness …

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